Wasabi Consulting has been established to help you and your team develop your sales, strategy and marketing capabilities, key inter-personal skills and the right customer experience needed to be successful today.

The Wasabi Consulting team have deep industrial, B2B sales and marketing expertise and experience. We have worked with companies and Universities in Europe, Australia, Asia and the United States in senior and executive level roles, led global sales and marketing excellence programs, designed and delivered sales training programs, run workshops on inter-personal skills and we have also taught and run workshops at University level. Our customers include manufacturing companies, training companies, Universities and government institutions in Asia, Australia and Europe.

Much like our name suggests, we are small in size but strong in experience and pragmatism.

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Andrew Parker


The founder and principal consultant of Wasabi Consulting is Andrew Parker.

Andrew is an Australian national with extensive experience in senior and executive marketing, sales and commercial roles in Australia, US, Europe and Asia.

Andrew has also led global sales and marketing transformation and excellence programs for large industrial companies. He has lived and worked in Australia, Europe and Asia for over 20 plus years. Andrew holds an MBA and is a certified Cultural Intelligence (CQ) trainer.

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Would you like to find out more about what Wasabi Consulting can do to develop your sales and marketing capabilities, inter-personal skills and improve your bottom line ? 

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