The skills that your teams have today may not be the skills that you need to be successful tomorrow.

We understand the rapidly changing nature of business today, how to meet these challenges pragmatically and we know how to help you develop the right set of skills to be successful.

Our capabilities can be delivered through Workshops, Consulting, Training or Coaching.


We offer a wide range of workshops that are designed to develop inter-personal skills. We leverage our business experience in Asia, Europe and USA to deliver engaging, relevant and pragmatic workshops that are illustrated with real life examples and experiential learning opportunities.

An outdoor working session at one of our recent workshops in Austria.

An outdoor working session at one of our recent workshops in Austria.


Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

How to have difficult discussions

Facilitation skills

Profitability analysis and improvement

Managing unconscious knowledge and bias

Working with and embracing Introversion

Case interview techniques

The power of questions

Coaching and mentoring skills

Understanding and applying Design Thinking

How to set SMART actions 

One of our most popular workshops is our Quiet Leadership - working with and understanding Introversion workshop. We run these workshops for businesses, universities and individuals and we explore topics such as understanding Introversion, how to work with Introverts and Extroverts, understanding what type of introvert you are, building your own personal ‘User Guide, tips and tricks and how to manage speaking anxiety. We also offer one on one coaching and support for Introverts. If you would like to know more about our work in this area and what we offer, we’d love to talk with you.

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Whether you are looking to implement a sales excellence program, undertake a strategic analysis of your markets to identify growth opportunities, or develop a customised learning roadmap and training, our consulting services will help you drive growth, profitability and the development of your teams.


Developing, implementing and embedding sales excellence programs

Customised sales and marketing training programs

Learning roadmaps

Profitability analysis and improvement

Strategic marketing

Consumer insights

Sales operations

Strategic coaching and mentoring

Negotiation preparation and planning

M & A commercial due-diligence



According to a recent survey (McKinsey and Co, 2019), companies that have superior commercial capabilities consistently delivery higher revenue growth and higher earnings growth. Wasabi Consulting has over 20 years of experience leading sales excellence programs and delivering sales, marketing and strategy training. We can even develop customised training programs specific to your sales and marketing team.



Strategic / Key account management

Strategic B2B marketing

Profitability analysis and improvement


Cultural Intelligence (CQ) training, understanding, assessment and development

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) training 

Negotiation planning and preparation

Managing cross-functional teams

Designing and implementing sales and marketing transformation and excellence programs

Customer journey mapping

Developing sales learning programs

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We have experience in designing and implementing sales coaching and mentoring programs as well as implementing global talent development programs. We coach and mentor top commercial talent in Asia, Europe, US and Africa.


Leadership and executive coaching

Sales leader coaching and mentoring

Designing and implementing coaching programs

Talent development programs

Coaching for Introverts